Thank you very much for letting me pay you a virtual visit today. My name is Robert Schuldenfrei. Although retired I sometimes practice the professional services I delivered during my career in the computer industry. I am using this technology both because it is effective and I want to demonstrate some of my skills to you. If you believe in the technology you sell, you should be able to use it effectively.

This presentation has been developed to market my services. I would be happy to provide a wide range of engagements, from the very short term to long term associations which might boarder on a full time position. As you watch this presentation keep in mind that I represent a very wide collection of skills and would fit best in an environment where generalist abilities could be employed.

I have partitioned this demonstration into eight divisions. These segments represent the major areas of competence in my skills inventory. They are:
.Manufacturing Systems
.Product Management
.Computer Programming

Part of 2 start up firms: Shycon Associates, Inc. and S. I. Inc. I did the consulting budgets for SAI and all of the financial work for S. I. Inc. When we went for loans for S. I. Inc., I had to prepare all of the necessary financial planning. In the SAI days, I was responsible for all of the projects that were in progress. With S. I. Inc. I managed everything except for a six year period when I had a VP of technical operations. At SAI I was responsible for the direct supervision of 6 staff members. S. I. Inc. grew to be 12 people at its biggest. Design and programming of Logistek, Amstar production management system, many custom business systems, and MCS-3. Inter-company, inter-personal, client, and channel communications.

Designed and programmed MRP-II systems. During the SAI days we built a custom manufacturing system for Amstar Sugar. We could not use off the shelf software because of the extreme nature of their process and the need to “rationalize” production among plants. SAI was a full line logistical consulting house. In the early days I built computer models. Later I supervised the building of same. During the last 17 years, the sale of MCS-3 often involved the design of manufacturing systems. In spite of the fact that S. I. Inc. sold MCS-3 through a network of resellers, these dealers were often ill prepared to implement the system. They rarely possessed the specialized knowledge to do manufacturing. In the early days, and over the last 5 years, I was the principal sales person. Between 1983 and 1993 there was a sales force in place. This department reported directly to me. The channel on which we focused, resellers, needs a lot of support. Over the entire 17 year period, I always served my turn manning the hot lines. This is one of the best ways to stay current with the product.

For all of the SAI models, and much of the S. I. Inc. modifications, I did most of the specifications. I did not however design MCS-3 which was purchased from MMS. All SAI models and all technical work at S. I. Inc. was under my direction. A number of times I was called upon to roll a new product out to the market. S. I. Inc. went to numerous trade shows, usually in support of our partners. I established a training program for MCS-3 which will be described below. Continuous improvement is the best way of keeping a technical product up to date. I have always insisted that you must have a shipping product, even if you are about to launch a new product. Never bring a new product to market which is not technically ready for sale. The reseller channel is one that takes constant attention because the dealers do not work for you.

The craft of computer programming was an early learned skill. I came out of Syracuse University and Dartmouth College's Tuck School with a knowledge of FORTRAN and BASIC and the supporting operating systems. Other skills were added over time.

Writing in all of its forms is key to any managerial operation. I have taken part in everything S. I. Inc. has produced.

At S. I. Inc., we ran monthly dealer training. Because I was the most experienced instructor, I took on the bulk of the classroom presentations. Although we did this less frequently, from time to time we would take on a contract to train end users. When this happened I was often the person to give this training.

The written word is but one aspect of communications. The firm practiced all of the arts of modern communications.